Original Novel

  1. Forgotten Conqueror
  2. Riddick/ Against the Heavens
  3. The Whisper of the Nightingale
  4. Dragon’s Soul
  5. The Beginning After the End
  6. Blue Phoenix
  7. The Prince Of Nilfheim
  8. Beyond? (Complete)
  9. The Life of Yue
  10. Game World or A Different World?
  11. In That Moment of Suffering
  12. Overlord Spirit Martial Emperor
  13. 5 Dragon Emperor
  14. Infinity Tomes
  15. Three Lifetimes
  16. The Empyrean Overlord
  17. Reincarnated As A Otome Game Villainess
  18. I Reincarnated As One Of The Best Friend Of Rival Character In Otome game

Saya Membaca FanFic di (I read FanFic in) Royal Road Legends

Saya menyukai banyak FF dari sana (-_-“) tapi banyak yang hiatus dan dropped ( I like many FF from there but many of them hiatus and dropped)